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June 10, 2013


Tom Slee

Maybe it's because I'm a big fan of anything melancholic, but I loved both the novel and the film of Never Let Me Go and found them very haunting - they have stayed with me for some time. I'm surprised you didn't like them more.

I'll be renting Margin Call soon following your recommendation, and hope we agree on that one at least.

bianca steele

Tom, I haven’t liked Ishiguro’s more recent novels as much, though after putting off reading it, I did like When We Were Orphans. As far as Never Let Me Go goes, I put part of the blame on the novel’s publicity. The most charitable explanation I can give for it is that they were afraid people would be confused if they didn’t play up the science fiction and cloning in the most extreme way possible. Less charitable would be that they were trying to snare a science fiction market that probably wouldn’t actually like the book (and then might end up being insulted by being told they “missed the point,” as here). I was distracted by asking myself whether there’s any earthly way a reader would think, “hey, this novel’s about cloning!” at an early point in the story, which the reviews suggested would be very obvious, rather than a spoiler along the lines of “Gatsby’s a bootlegger.” I might have liked it better if I could have ignored the press.

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