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October 14, 2015



I agree Brooks is basically partisan, w an occasional veneer of olympian judiciousness. I don't read him except on v rare occasion, but his broadcast (radio etc) appearances make it clear.

Re Coates: I heard C. Robin's speech at a conference this past wkend in which he delivered a critique of Sunstein and Coates (specifically 'Between the World and Me'). I think Corey is eventually going to post the text of the speech somewhere (linking at his blog and/or Crooked Timber), but I'm not sure.

bianca steele


It's great that you got to go to the USIH conference. I usually only get to follow discussion of it on their blog. Are you going to write something about this on your blog?

(Sorry about requiring a login. I was getting too many spam comments and didn't like the idea of letting some sneaker reseller juice their link count for the day or two it took me to see them.)


I understand why you require a login, but for me it was a bit of a pain. I tried to do it through Blogger which didn't work, then WordPress which didn't work, then Blogger again, which worked. At some point in there I cleared the browser cache, which might have helped, but anyway. (I suppose most people probably use either FB or Twitter, but I don't have an account on either one.)

Short answer to question: I don't think I'll write about Corey's speech on my blog b/c I think eventually it's going to be covered elsewhere. I did go to some other stuff at the conference but haven't decided whether to write about it. Have a bunch of semi-legible notes, plus what I chose to go
to is prob. not of that wide interest. Plus at this conference it's papers-in-process, not always finished products, and I hesitate to refer to them too specifically for that reason.

There was one interesting moment during the question period in CR's talk when one questioner, w/o identifying himself, asked CR if there were some public intellectuals he thought *did* deserve the label (or something to that effect). CR's answer began with the word "you." Turned out the questioner, whose name was never actually mentioned, was Andrew Sullivan, which became fairly obvious in the course of the exchange, but I think even in that au courant audience a least a few people were left in the dark. The usual identify-yourself-before-asking-question rule was not in effect. This is all of no importance, of course, just gets filed under 'anecdotes'.

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