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December 28, 2015



Read this post rather quickly, but I think more emphasis shd be put on the phrase "interpret to [his] fellow citizens the meanings that they share.” This is W's approach here: he's claiming to uncover or recover or interpret 'meanings' that are implicit in a particular "community"'s traditions etc, even if the community doesn't realize it. This is an approach he went on to defend in subsequent writing on "connected" social criticism, as I think he called it.

'Connected' but not uncritical: W. is, contrary to what you suggest, willing to tell the community there's "something wrong w/ it." But the criticism will likely take the form of "you [the community] aren't living up to the best impulses of your own traditions, principles, etc."

To be frank, not sure why you're reading this bk except that you found it on a shelf and had started it a few times before. But since you're posting about it and since it's a bk I've read (albeit a *long* time ago), figured I'd put in my 2 cents...

bianca steele


You've been making comments that would be obvious trolls from a commenter I had no history with. We have had previous encounters, but not the kind that would make this acceptable. I'm not posting these so you can make almost equally lengthy posts on my blog saying nothing more than that I'm wrong. I'm sure you would get more readers if you just posted them on your own.

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