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December 02, 2015



You say you first experienced diversity training when you were an employee of a corporation, but then say you're sure the whole diversity-training thing began in academia. I'm not sure, based on what you've said here, why you're so certain of that. Unless I'm misunderstanding or missing something...

bianca steele


Two things:

I'm not arguing for the origin of diversity training being in academia. I'm saying there's reason to question the idea that it originates in the corporate world, and also people in the corporate world do believe it originates in academia. I think the question should be considered an open one. I'd probably guess, if I had to, for the reasons I gave in the post, that it originates in academia.

Also, I didn't go through diversity training at any university. "What I'd found on campus" was poorly worded, sorry. I had in mind the way race and political issues were discussed, not administratively motivated stuff, which may itself have been one of the outcomes, along with Black Studies faculty, of the 1980s protests and wasn't present then.


First paragraph clarifies it; thanks.

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